2018 Fall Conference

2018 Fall Conference

    Well that has brought another Fall Conference to an end. Many compliments came regarding the great speakers, topics, good food and great time had. The entertainment was new to many, but I heard mostly good, and just not for some. If anyone has pictures they are willing to share from our event, please feel free to email them to info@ivmamansask.com or text them to me at 306-520-2366. I will see if we can get put on here somehow. :)

    It would be greatly appreciated if all outstanding amounts be processed so I will receive by weeks end in order to get the financial portion done by Dec. 31, 2018 as has been requested. Should you have any questions or concerns with anything, please do feel free to contact me.

    If anyone should have any ideas of anyone else to contact to see if they would like to become a member, please let me know how to reach them, or they can reach me or there are forms in the [DOWNLOADS] tab that can be completed and sent to me. Apparently there are folks out there that are getting missed as they think they are members but haven't been contacted. This would be wonderful to find those interested in becoming a member and joining our association.

Well, thanks again for a great turn out this year! I personally enjoyed it, made it all worth the hard work! 

Until we meet again my friends, STAY SAFE!


Sheila Harkes

Business Manager