Integrated Vegetation Management Association of Manitoba/Saskatchewan

IVMA MAN/SASK is a professional organization, established in 1990, which promotes environmentally sound vegetation management across Manitoba and Saskatchewan for the benefit of everyone.

IVMA MAN/SASK is a non-profit organization supported by membership dues and donations. Our membership includes representatives from every sector of Manitoba and Saskatchewan’s vegetation management industries.

We encourage you to visit our website and if you are interested in becoming a member, please click the membership link in the side bar. By becoming a member you are able to gain access to additional privileged information through our Member Section page as well as utilize our other services.


IVMA-MAN/SASK (Integrated Vegetation Management Association - Manitoba/Saskatchewan Inc.) is an organization which promotes environmentally sound vegetation management.

IVMA-MAN/ SASK is a non-profit organization financed by memberships, seminars and tours.

IVMA-MAN/ SASK was incorporated federally on January 8,1990.

IVMA-MAN/SASK is an associate member of the Urban Pest Management Council of Canada.

IVMA-Man/Sask membership includes representatives from a broad base of industry and government agencies including: highways, agriculture, conservation, weed inspectors, lawn and landscape contractors, vegetation management contractors, pipeline companies, electrical utilities, railways, chemical and equipment manufacturers and municipal foresters.


  • To promote the importance of employing proper vegetation management practices.
  • To inform members of new technology, new legislation and public concerns through seminars, training courses and other educational options.
  • To develop and promote a favourable public image for vegetation management.